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Dakota College at Bottineau has two different types of degree programs. Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed for students who want to earn a degree in two years or less and then enter the work force. Transfer programs are designed for students who want to earn a two-year degree and transfer to another institution to pursue a four-year degree. Both types of degree programs are available online.

Delivery Method


Programs can be completed using three different delivery methods. On-Campus, Online, and Blended. Some of our programs can be completed online, on campus, or a combination of both. As you view our available programs look for these symbols that represent if the program is available completely online, completely on campus, or requires both.

Liberal Arts & Transfer Programs

Students enrolled in an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) program must satisfy the general education requirements listed on pages 54-55 of our catalog (click here for the link) to earn the degree. The curriculum outline is a suggested course sequence or schedule of study that prepares students to transfer. Therefore, the transcript of graduates will list only AA or AS and not the area of study. Coursework may be modified with the advisor's consent in regard to the requirements of a student's intended transfer college. All new fall semester freshmen are required to take the course SOC105 First Year Experience, although it has not been listed in the curriculum outlines.

Liberal Arts Course Curriculum

Follow the link above to view the liberal arts curriculum if you are undecided of your ultimate goal. This curriculum provides flexibility and endeavors to give students a sampling of the many disciplines available to them. Below is the list of transfer programs offered at DCB.

Career and Technical Programs

AAS Degree - General Education

Students who graduate with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree must earn 16 credits in general education. Listed on pages 76-78 of our catalog (click here) are the academic areas in which students must earn general education credit and the courses which satisfy requirements in each area. An exception is the course SOC 105 First Year Experience. This course is not listed but is a requirement for all new fall semester freshmen; including students enrolled in diploma and the on-campus certificate of completion programs.

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